Power Factor Pre-regulator

  Vin_min / Vac Vin_max / Vac  
Vin / V for the calculations
  Vout / Vdc Iout / A   f / kHz    
  C / µF ΔVout / V  
L / H :   
The values of all input fields can be changed.
The proposed value for L is chosen so that ΔIL=0,4·Iout for >Vin_max.
The proposed value for C is chosen so that the voltage ripples ΔVout  0.5 Vout for
a frequency of 50 Hz.
With 60 cycles per second operation can be reduced the calculated condenser value by 20%.
The frequency does not have any influence on the calculation of L.

By Dr. Heinz Schmidt-Walter, Holger Wenzel, Thomas Zänker, Richard Morgan and Johnalan Kegan.