Design of Switch Mode Power Supplies

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The following programs calculate the relevant currents and voltages for various switch mode power supplies and display these graphically.
Furthermore the programs give suggestions for appropriate choking coils and high frequency transformers.

Description Type of power supply Help  
The input voltage is converted into a lower output voltage. Buck Converter Help with the Buck/Step-down Converter
The input voltage is converted into a higher output voltage. Boost converter Help for the
Boost converter
The input voltage is converted into a negative voltage. Buck-Boost
Help for the
Several isolated output voltages, up to approx. 250 are possible. Flyback converter Help for the
Flyback converter
One electrically isolated voltage, up to approx. 100 Watts. Single Transistor
Forward converter
Help for the
Single Transistor
Forward converter
One electrically isolated voltage, up to approx. 1 KW. Two-Transistor
Forward converter
Help for the
Two-Transistor Forward Converter
One electrically isolated voltage, up to few KW. Half-Bridge
Push-Pull Converter
Help for the
Push-Pull Converter
One electrically isolated voltage, up to many KW. Full-Bridge
Push-Pull converter
Help for the
Push-Pull converter
Switch mode power suppply for sinusoidal mains current. Power Factor Pre-regulator (PFC) Help for the
Power Factor
Calculation of a inductor L for a max. current I. Inductor
Help with the

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What is that everything?

Primarily this Website was written for people who know the basics of switchmode power supplies. We did not consider the control of the transistors, as well as certain preventive measures (discharge sets, current limitings).
The suggestions for the ferrite cores are approximations based on the manufacturer tables as well as the books Hirschmann/Hauenstein: Schaltnetzteile [1] and Keith Billings: Switch Mode Power Supply Handbook [2]. Check in any case the specification given by us with the appropriate data sheets.

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Updated on April-27-2015

By Dr. Heinz Schmidt-Walter, Holger Wenzel, Thomas Zänker, Richard Morgan and Johnalan Kegan.